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Which youtuber would you get along with?

Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox (smosh)
Anthony & Ian both love your laid back personality, you act like one of the guys making them less awkward around how beautiful you are.

Meet up:
You where in the drive thru at McDonalds when you heard anthony yelling “sitting in the drive thru, sitting in the drive through.” from the car in front of you. You both had to wait in the reserved parking for your orders. They parked right next to you and you could see the camera, they were filming Lunch Time With Smosh right next to you. Ian looked over at you. ” Hi, Anthony look a girl.” Ian said in a awkward tone. ” Uh hey Ian, hows the vid going?” You asked in a calm tone. Ian smiled. “Pretty good.”

Which youtuber likes you? ( Girls Only )

~ You got Anthony ~

~ How you met ~

You were at Starbucks and noticed two guys doing something. You walked over and you knew it was smosh well Ian and Anthony. You went over to them and said, ” Hi. ” ” Hi. what’s your name? ” said Anthony. ” I’m ____. ” You said smiling. Anthony smiled and said, ” Would you like to come to our house? ” ” sure. ” you said smiling. Ian drove you guys there and said, ” I’m going to the store see ya later! ” Ian left and Anthony an you were left alone in the house. You guys started talking then you guys accidently kissed but nothing was awkward. you guys started dating a week later from what happened.

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Your Youtube Crush!

You are most like the brilliant comedic duo- Smosh!! You love creating flash videos and keep everyone up to date on the latest gossip! Even if it makes absolutely no sense what’soever!!

Ian: OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! I THINK I FOUND LOVE!!!!!!
Anthony: What if y/n doesn’t like you?
Ian: Then buckle me up coz they’re gonna get a face-smosh!!! I’LL MAKE THEM LOVE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anthony: Oh, in the name of Scott Mcall please help us all!!!!!!!

Well, I hope you enjoyed my quiz!!

Which Youtuber are you most like?

Congrats, you got Smosh!(Ian&Anthony) Personally, I believe they are the most creative youtubers on YouTube!

You have amazing ideas and enjoy making others smile and laugh. You’re more fun when you’re with others and people are drawn to your sense of humor. Gaming is one of your favorite ways to pass time, but it’s not something you always do. You’re an extremely nice person who only wants to make people feel good.

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Link to youtuber:

Which Youtubers Do You Act The Most?

Ian Hecox {Smosh}
You’ve got Ian, from Smosh.
In reality, Ian isn’t as much as cheerful as you see in their Smosh videos, if of course you watch Smosh.
He’s much more of a quiet, yet big hearted, and sometimes rarely smile.
But yes, I think the word for him is unique.
He’s been making videos with Anthony also known as his bestfriend, they’ve both been the literal 1st subscriber ever in the past on Youtube before Felix a.k.a PewDiePie was even on Youtube. {Which was on 2005.}
They’ve both do, parodies, music videos, or just parody music videos.
Ian used to own a channel for himself but he changed the name to: IanIsBored, but nowadays it’s called Smosh’s 2nd Channel.

Their Channel: Smosh

Which Youtubers Do You Act The Most?

Anthony Padilla {Smosh}
You’ve got Anthony, from Smosh.
Anthony is a really loveable, fun to be with, and friendly person.
He’s been making videos with Ian also his bestfriend, they’ve both been the literal 1st subscriber ever in the past on Youtube before Felix a.k.a PewDiePie was even on Youtube. {Which was on 2005.}
They’ve both do, parodies, music videos, or just parody music videos.
They also have a second channel which used to be IanIsBored, but now it’s called Smosh’s 2nd Channel.
He is also taken from his beloved wife: Kalel Cullen.

Their Youtube Channel: Smosh

What Youtuber Would Date You? *LONG RESULTS*

Shane Dawson
(AKA Shane DawsonTV)
You got Shane Dawson, a pardoy making, lyric reading, Amercian lad.

You were laughing at one of Shane Dawson’s newest videos. After it finished, you read the discription. Within it, it said:
You clicked the link and entered in the compitition. After a few weeks of waiting, you got an email, informing you that you had won the contest. You were going to spend a day with him, doing whatever you wanted to do.
You were extactic. The following day, you got ready and met him at a Starbucks in the inner city. He stood and walked over to you when you walked in.
“Hey Y/N!” He said, hugging you. You hyperventalated in your head, but hugged him back.
“It’s great to meet you! So, what would you like to do today?” He asked. You froze. You hadn’t thought about that. He smiled at your expression.
“Do you like theme parks?” He asked. You nodded quickly. He took your hand and walked out with you.
“Great, then you’ll love this.”

After a few days, you and Shane had become really close friends. You hung out everyday, going out or staying in. He had your number, so when you weren’t together, you texted each other.
You were laying on your couch with Shane, watching Adventure Time. You were laid down with your legs resting up on his lap. He looked down at you and cleared his throat. You looked at him and he smiled.
“Question.” He said. You nodded, telling him to continue. “Will you go out with me?” He asked. “Sorry, nothing extravagent, just simple.”
You smiled, nodding, “Of course.”
He sighed happily, then was hovering above you.
“Don’t you dare.” You warned him. His hands were on your hips, then he began tickling you.
“Stop! Stop!” You cackled, squirming.

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Who is your Youtube Boyfriend #2!

Pewdiepie (requested by Madison Goens)
YOUR OUTFIT: cold-weather-classes-outfit-2

When I first found out that my favorite Youtuber Pewdiepie was going to have a booth at the next VidCon, I begged and begged my parents to let me go and meet him. After weeks and weeks of what they would call “torture”, they finally allowed me to go. Overjoyed, I then told my best friend Lilly along with me, who I found out was also a fan of Pewds as well.

When we first arrived at VidCon together, we could hardly contain our excitement and happiness as we saw him working at his booth, which was surrounded by tons of other fangirls, who all wanted his picture and autograph, like us.
We stood in a very long line for what seemed like ages before getting his signature. When it came my turn, I tried my best to keep it calm. Although my inner fangirl was jumping around and screaming in joy, outside I tried to look laid back- as if it was no big deal that I just met my favorite celebrity ever.
“Hey there.” Pewdiepie greeted in his cute swedish accent.
“H-Hi Pewds.” I stammered. “-can I get a picture with you after you sign my picture?”
“Sure thing!” Pewdiepie answered, as he brushed his semi-long blonde hair out of his face. After he signed my picture, he got up from his seat and came over to me, where Lilly took our picture with her phone. When she took the picture, I could feel him tightly holding onto my waist, pulling me in closer to him. When Lilly was done, he smiled down at me, revealing his perfect smile. I figured he was just being nice, so I smiled back at him.
“You didn’t mind taking a picture with me?” I asked him in a sweet tone.
“No, I was hoping you would ask me.” he said. “-it isn’t very often I come across pretty girl like you at VidCon- or anywhere else for that matter.”
I felt my face turning red as he handed me his autograph. After thanking him, Lilly and I scurried off, until I realized that he wrote more than just his name on my picture of him.
“It was cool meeting you! Call me sometime? #-xxx-xxx-xxx P.S- Call me Felix if you’d like! ;).” he wrote in black ink.

Ever since I first met Felix at VidCon, we’ve both grown very close, and we ended up hanging out with each other whenever we had the chance to. Our favorite hang out was at Starbucks, where we met every other weekend to drink coffee, and chat about whatever came to mind. On other weekends, we would even go to the local arcade to play some games, where Felix always beat me in all the video games. I felt like he was the best friend I’ve never had…well, actually, I did have him now, so I guess he’s one of my best friends now…

One night, after my parents left to go to a movie late at night, I decided to invite Felix over to have our own movie night at my house. I didn’t think much of it at first- just two friends having a movie night…right? When he arrived, we both agreed to watch Paranormal Activity 1 and 2- a horror movie marathon! As the movie started, we both sat on my couch together, our eyes both glued to the TV screen. After a little while though, things grew a lot scarier in the movie, and we both jumped at the least expected times.
As my heart beat out of nervousness, I took Felix’s hand, hoping that it would have some effect on what I was watching. As he squirmed his hand out of mine, he then replaced it by putting his arm around me instead. I then felt safer as I cuddled up to Felix whenever a ghost or demon came on to the screen.
After the first movie was done, we sat in the cuddling position for a few more minutes before Felix knelt down and pecked at my cheeks.
“Are you alright Y/N?” he asked, whispering into my ear.
“Yeah, I’m alright.” I answered. “-why did we even choose to watch horror movies again?” I questioned him, trying to make a joke out of it.
“Well, to me, it’s just an excuse to be closer to you.”
It was then Felix began to stroke my cheek, before kissing me lightly on the lips. Felix looked down at me with a kind stare in his ocean blue/green eyes, creating an awkward silence. After a minute or so, he then asked,
“You wanna be my girlfriend Y/N?” he blurted out. “- sorry I didn’t ask you in a special way or anything..”
“Yes! I was waiting for you to ask me!” I answered, before kissing him once again.
We both smiled at one another, as I felt the atmosphere between us beginning to change…

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